Safe and Smooth Project - The Dutch are Coming to Visit

Safer Calgary’s Safe and Smooth project is exploring the ways of changing the way that people move around in Calgary and connect to important places. Part of the project was engaging dozens of students at the NHTV in Breda, Netherlands to offer up visions of projects that address the transportation challenges in Calgary. This includes ideas for rethinking the suburbs, doing Transit Oriented Development, developing cycling infrastructure and making changes to the downtown.

There are several exciting projects and you can view the short presentations that the Dutch students completed by visiting this channel on Vimeo

You can vote for your favourites at our Facebook page.

We are running two events in the coming weeks (on March 21st) where a selection of the Dutch students will be in Calgary and we will be tacking their projects and seeing how they fit for Calgary.

You can find details about these events and sign-ups here

We hope to see you there!

Welcome to the new blog, not the same as the old blog

Actually there has never been a blog for Safer Calgary, so this is the first post in history. Don’t you already feel warm and special just knowing that? We thought so. We will make this space the place where you can learn about the current activities of Safer Calgary. It is also one of the places where we invite you to interact with us. The other place you can do that is on our Facebook page.

Our really big current project is Safe and Smooth 2013. This initiative is concerned with improving the safety and the ease of use of the Calgary transportation network. This will mean considering some concepts that seem quite radical when juxtaposed against our history, but consider them we must so that we have effective and resilient methods for moving people around as the city continues to grow and change. Our next blog post will deal with this initiative in detail.

So, welcome to our new site. We will be adding resources as we go including profiling our many community partners.